Customer testimonials

Ping, Air & Ice - Thailand

As we are living in Bangkok, we love to come to Mae Phim for weekends and other holidays, away from the city life to relax and just enjoy the beach life. Mae Phim offers everything we need from great seasonal fruits & variety of restaurants to relaxed beach life.

Also the many attractions and islands nearby are the ones that we like to visit whenever we have a chance while the new bridge connecting to Chantaburi and Trat makes the travel convenient to more south as well.

We decided to buy from Grand Beach II because its great location, quality and the service we have received from them.

Lisette & Mats - Sweden

Thailand has always fascinated us. What we like most is the food, people, culture, lifestyle and of course the weather. We have traveled around Thailand and been to many different places, but what attracts us most to Mae Phim is the proximity to Bangkok and the airport.

The beach and the fact that we can enjoy the Thai hospitality and beautiful surroundings is another reason why we are so happy.
We bought our first apartment at Seaview Condominium because we liked the Scandinavian style of the design and the quality that Logan’s offers.

We have also decided to buy a second apartment in Grand Beach Condominiums which is currently under construction.

Henrik, Minna & Lydia - Finland

In the past we were travelling in Thailand with tourist groups and we liked Thailand very much, food, people and of course the weather. At one point we saw a brochure about properties in Mae Phim which made us interested of the idea buying our own place, somewhere not so touristic area but smaller and more genuine Thai like Mae Phim is. We also have a summer house in Finland where we spend only few months a year, therefore this idea seemed good in the long run and we have not regretted that buying decision.

We have been very pleased with our contractor regards to the service and quality they have built, all matters has been running smoothly while we have been able to communicate with our mother language.

Helena & Antti – Finland

Thailand’s climate is wonderful and the scenery and genuinely friendly people make it fantastic. Moreover, the food is fantastic and the prices are still very low. Thailand is a country that is safe to live in.

We chose Mae Phim for the tranquil atmosphere that prevails without great mass tourism. The beautiful beach was another reason. We are also not too far from a large Thai city with all necessary items and services. We found a reliable builder in Logan’s and are very pleased with the results. We have invested in several houses and apartments in recent years to rent out. We love this place.

Hans & Hanneke - The Netherlands

During the last decade we’ve been travelling around South-East Asia, two times a year feeling it is now time to settle, time for a second home.

We chose Mae Phim because it’s nearby Bangkok airport, so conveniently accessible with bus or taxi. Another reason is the beautiful beach, which is quiet and good for strolling around the shore-line. Together with the excellent climate it makes a great place to stay, especially during the long European wintertime. And last but not least, we want to avoid mass tourism. In Mae Phim we have found that peaceful retreat, therefore we bought an apartment from Grand Beach I.

The contractor we have found to be a reliable who we heartily recommend. We love Mae Phim, a winner on all fronts.

Dech, Cake & Aoomthong / Thailand

We live and run our printing operations in Klaeng and have followed the developments in Mae Phim for a long time now. We have seen how the city has grown and developed in recent years. Logan’s had a number of projects already built in the area and they have a good mix of both Thai and foreign customers which we think is good indication of quality. It convinced us to buy a condo at Avatara.

Mae Phim Beach is a beautiful place with a nice beach and clean water, making it an ideal location for us. We have been very pleased with our condo and we can warmly recommend Mae Phim and Logan’s to you. Hope to see you all in Mae Phim!